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Whether your kitchen is small or outdated, we can help you to transform it into a space that is desirable and attractive.


Backsplashes are the crowning touch of a finished, integrated kitchen or bath design. Talk with our knowledgeable professionals about the plethora of choices available in backsplash material to make a unique statement in your kitchen or bath.


Granite and marble add an elegant, upscale feel to any bathroom. Choose from our variety of colors, styles, and textures for the ultimate bathroom remodel.

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Why Choose Prime Kitchen Design? Here’s Why!


We only focus on countertops, cabinets, flooring, and sinks since 2011.

We have a reputation for caring, because everyone on our team is passionate and enthusiastic about the work we do, and is always striving for excellence

We understand that the exciting process of choosing and buying such beautiful accents for your property can also sometimes be a little overwhelming.

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